Paul Martin here, bassist from DEVILSKIN. Based in Hamilton New Zealand. The band features my sister-in-law Jennie Skulander on vocals, my son Nic Martin on drums and keyboards and my evil twin Nail on lead guitar. We’ve been around since 2010 and have released two albums We Rise in 2014 and Be Like The River in 2016 that have both gone #1 here in NZ. We also have a live album/dvd called “Live At The Powerstation”. We’ve shared the stage with Coheed and Cambria, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Megadeth, Halestorm and Slash. We have toured Europe and played shows in the US. I grew up listening to all sorts of music, heres a list of 10 songs that moved me in one way or another. In no particular order.

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As soon as I heard this bass guitar my world changed, I was captivated! I was 12 years old and found the Greatest Hits album in my brothers room. Intrigued by the cover (The Triumph Of Death) I played it. NIB sent me into orbit!

2. AC/DC – Ride On

Bon Scotts vocal delivery on this blew me away, the guitar, the feel just everything about it was so good. I still get the same buzz from this.


My first experience of many mixing music and anarchy!! The fact that it was so anti social and violent/vulgar hit the spot for 14 year old me.

4. OZZY OSBOURNE – Revelation (Mother Earth)

Epicness that really hit the spot with me. Randy Rhoads guitar solo still melts me.

5. LED ZEPPELIN – Since I’ve Been Lovin You

I could tell the magic with instantly, power, passion and grandeur! I adore everythig Led Zep have ever done.

6. PANTERA – This Love

Because Dimebag! I am very lucky to have met and hung out with Dime on a few occasions through my radio show The Axe Attack. Down to earth and as real as it gets. Dime was the man and such an inspirational artist! RIP

7. LOUIS ARMSTRONG – What A Wonderful World

Enchanted me as a youth. Ignited my passion for music and the trumpet which I became quite proficient at.

8. URIAH HEEP – Rain

Probably the saddest song ever. These guys wrote big powerful albums, concepts and themes that really blew me away. The simple raw beauty and emotion of this song is truly magnificent.

9. TESTAMENT – Return To Serenity

I absolutely love this band! Gorgeous song, so well written and played. The acoustic version is incredible too.

10. BLACK SABBATH – Megalomania

This track is such a heady, visceral trip! It showed me songwriting had no boundaries, it was freedom.

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Tras más de una década escribiendo, después de estar en los inicios de Metal4all en 2003, y pasar siete años en TheMetalCircus, me aventuro en septiembre de 2014 en mi propia MiradAlternativa.

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