Guitarist, singer and saxophonist of the Norwegian band SHINING anwers our test. They will be performing at the Spanish Resurrection Fest next July, and will be touring Europe in September with INTRONAUT and OBSIDIAN KINGDOM.


coltra_john_liveatthe_102b1. Which was the first album you bought?

CD: FUDGE TUNNEL – Hate Songs In E Minor
First jazz CD: John Coltrane – Live At The Village Vanguard Again

lacunadelirium2. And the last one?

If streaming counts as buying, then the last album I bought was Lacuna Coil’s latest album, ‘Delirium’. Funny thing: Our bus driver for our US tour in 2013 is now the drummer for Lacuna Coil, and this is his first album with them. The drummer is called Ryan and is super guy! Great drummer, great driver, and great great person!

3. Which album have you listened most?

DREAM THEATER – A Change Of Seasons
John Coltrane – Crescent

4. Can you tell me the name of the first band who made you think ‘This is my stuff’?

PANTERA – A Vulgar Display Of Power

5. Which album do you love but it has not been very well accepted / viewed favourably?

I love Brad Paisley, and although he’s super popular in the country world, I guess he’s not that accepted in the metal world. Other non-metal artists and bands I like: Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, Kanye        West (the music, not the person), FOO FIGHTERS, NICKELBACK and Snoop Dogg.

Also, Metallica’s Black Album is for me their best album.

6. Tell us about an album to relax with and another to ‘unleash the beast’.

I guess when I’m relaxing I don’t listen to music, so most of the music I like is more for unleashing the beast. But it’s hard to mention one, since I have so many.

7. Which was the first concert/gig you went to?

Don’t remember. But I also started playing shows early myself, so I think I remember the first concert I played myself better than the first concert I went to as audience. The one I remember the most was at a rock and metal festival in our neighboring town Horten. I guess the festival was called Bromsjordet, and we played in what I remember as a punk squat, but what probably was just a messy livingroom in a building. I played sax and electric guitar with a fusion jazz-metal band, and I guess I was about ten or eleven years old.

8. And the last one?

I went to LEPROUS’ show last night where they recorded an upcoming live DVD. It was great!


9. From which gig do you have the best memories?

I guess that’s either SHINING’s concert at Trolltunga, or our show in Paris in November 2015, just a few days after the terror attach at La Bataclan. It was such a moving experience, and you could really feel the emotions and energy of the audience! I will never forget that show!

10. If you could travel in time, which musical era, phase or trend would you choose?

I think today is pretty darn cool!

11. Which is the music video you have seen most? 

I guess I’ve seen our own music videos the most, since I’ve always worked hard and thoroughly on them. But I also like to look at music videos while writing, just to get some inspiration. It could be stuff that I already know, or I can just randomly surf around on YouTube seeing if I can find some stuff with great ideas, even if it doesn’t resemble our music.

Yesterday I saw Metallica’s video for Nothing Else Matters about three times, I guess. I was working on some picking guitar stuff, and looked to that video for ideas on guitar sound and band arrangements.

12. And the musical documentary or live DVD?

I absolutely LOVED Muse’s live DVD from Wembley, which I’ve seen many times. Also, we used the same color grading technician from that DVD to work on color grading for Shining’s live DVD Live Blackjazz from 2011.

13. Are you fond of TV shows and movies? Do you have any special recommendation or any favourite? Do you have any other confessable hobbies?

No, not really. I always seem to not have any extra time left when I’m done with music. But I used to train Ju Jitsu and MMA for about 7 years when I was younger.

14. Can you tell us about your latest music discovery?

We’re working on new SHINING stuff now, and some of the new parts are really new discoveries for us, since they’re pretty different from anything we’ve done before. It’ll be exciting to see how the ew album will sound when it’s finished!

15. If you had to choose a song and a record from your band to introduce yourself, they would be….

‘The Madness And The Damage Done’ on the album ‘Blackjazz’.

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Tras más de una década escribiendo, después de estar en los inicios de Metal4all en 2003, y pasar siete años en TheMetalCircus, me aventuro en septiembre de 2014 en mi propia MiradAlternativa.

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