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My name is Patrik Essman and I´m the singer and guitarist in the Swedish gothmetal band Myrah.


Today I will share 10 favorite songs and bands with you that has made a great impact on me through the years, hope you will enjoy it.

1. KISS – I Was Made For Loving You Baby
This band I discovered when I was 6 years old, after I had got my big sisters friends Kiss collection with LPs and cassettes, and I was totally up in the stars, I was so happy.
I remember I listened to this song every day for a long time. They were so cool with all their makeup and clothes. It was huge for me in that age.

2. AC/DC – Highway to Hell
From 6th grade to 9th grade my absolute favorite group was AC/DC and I had everything with them LPs, CDs, posters, stickers and patches on my jeans jacket, I was a great fan back then, I am still but not like those years 🙂 . My favorite LPs was from their early years and this song Highway to Hell was my favorite song.

3. METALLICA- Master of Puppets
When I first discovered Metallica through a friend I was totally blown away by the heaviness and aggressive sound they had and still they had those wonderful melodies on the guitars.
After my AC/DC era I went to my Metallica era for some years. I even saw them back in 93 in Stockholm and it was a fantastic show!
I love their old albums from Kill´em all and to the Black album. But my two favorite albums are «Master of Puppets» and «And Justice For All» So I picked this song which is awesome.

4. DISSECTION – The Somberlain
In the early 90-ies I stumble upon some very aggressive music with a lot of feelings in it and I was trapped in the veil of blackmetal and I have never left it, because it´s such a great genre with so much diversity. Dissection was one of the first death/black metal bands I discovered and the Somberlain album is awesome and so are their following albums too.

5. SENTENCED – Forever Lost
I discovered Sentenced through a compilation CD in the mid 90-ies and I loved the music as fast as I heard it and I love all their records they did. I picked this song since it is on the album they had released when I discovered them and the song is brilliant with nice cool vocals and great guitars.

6. IN FLAMES – Ever Dying
The early In Flames made a big impact to me, those fast guitars and dynamic songs with acoustic guitars was so brilliant. I was often speaking with my friends that it was strange that they wasn´t bigger than they were at the time. But it seems they were a late bloomer 🙂 .

7. ALCEST – Persées de Lumière
I don´t know about the lyrics in this song, but actually I don´t care about that. This song brings forth so many great feelings in me and I´m longing for the summer standing down at my lake and having a tasty ice cold beer in my hand. Alcest has so many great songs but this one has always been a favorite to me.

8. WOODS OF YPRES – Traveling Alone
Awesome song by an awesome band, to sad that the singer David Gold died in an accident some years ago.
This song is very touching to say the least, both the music and lyrics.

9. BEFORE THE DAWN – Fade Away
I have loved this band since I first heard them, when they released their first album. And I will never get bored of their music. I like every album they have released. This song has a great tempo and feeling in it and it makes me happy, and I´m thinking of doing the laundry or take a beer when I listen to it. It´s a great beer music, try it!

10. AGALLOCH – You Were But a Ghost in my Arms
This is one of my favorite bands and this song particular sums the band up and shows all their diverse sound, a very dynamic song indeed. The lyrics are mysterious and poetic. I love this band because they are doing precisely what they like, so you never know what to expect in their songs, only that it will sound awesome and unique.

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