We introduced EVA PLAYS DEAD to you. They have been referred to as the Midland’s Joan Jett and The Black Hearts but EPD take influence from a vast range including Halestorm, Marmozets, Black Flag, Aerosmith, Queens of the Stone age, LostAlone and Heaven’s Basement to name a few. Matt Gascoyne (guitar) answers our test.

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1.Which was the first record you bought?

I had always been gifted CD’s as a kid but I remember picking up 3 albums at once for my first purchase- ‘City of Evil’ by Avenged Sevenfold, ‘From Under The Cork Tree’ by Fallout Boy and ‘Hours’ by Funeral For A Friend.

2.And the last one?

I stream a lot of music now, so the last CD I bought must have been Arcane Root’s ‘Heaven and Earth’ EP.

  1. Which record have you listened most? (Please, develop the answer if you have doubts or if you have more than one)

In my entire life!? Wow… I couldn’t answer that. My most listened to álbum of 2017 though will be Ellipsis by Biffy Clyro.

  1. Can you tell me the name of the first band who made you think ‘This is my thing/stuff’?

Slipknot and Linkin Park! I remember being at my mates house recording their music videos onto VHS.

  1. Which record do you love but it has not been very well accepted / viewed favourably? (or underrated?)
  1. Tell us about a record to relax with and another to ‘unleash the beast’.

Unleashing the beast – ‘Statues’ by Black Peaks

Relax – ‘Deja Entendu’ by Brand New

  1. Which was the first concert/gig you went to?

Trivium’s Ascendancy tour at Rock City, Nottingham.

  1. And the last one?

I went to see a few bands at a great Nottingham venue called The Maze – 2 of which included Carcer City & Holding Absence. Check them out!

  1. From which gig do you have the best memories? (Please, specify one, not only as part of the audience but also as a musician)

As an audience member, AC/DC at Download 2010 was the best show I have EVER attended. The best show that Eva Plays Dead has ever played in my opinión is probably Y-NOT Festival 2015 – the festival is very local to us and the tent was absolutely PACKED. There was also a Storm Trooper checking out our set… there is a picture of him somewhere.

  1. If you could travel in time, which musical era, phase or trend would you choose?

In all honesty, I’m really excited about a lot of the music being produced now by new bands that are up and coming but if I had to choose another time, then send me straight back to AC/DC Bon Scott era!

  1. Which is the music video you have seen most? (You can mention more than one, including some recent if you please)

I have no idea. I normally check out videos once or twice and then stream the songs. I watched Greenday’s American Idiot when I was kid though?

  1. And the musical documentary or live DVD?

I haven’t watched many to be honest. I saw the episode of Top Gear with Steven Tyler?

  1. Are you fond of TV shows and movies? Do you have any special recommendation or any favourite? (Please mention max. 5). Do you have any other confessable hobbies?

When I’m not with the band, I’m at home listening to music, hitting the gym, cooking or going to the cinema. I think that my favourite actor is Leonardo de Caprio because I seem to like anything with him – Django Unchained is a bad ass film!

  1. Can you tell us about your latest music discovery?

Check out the new Decade álbum. It’s called Pleasantries.

  1. If you had to choose a song and a record from your band to introduce yourself, they would be….

Our new single ‘Spin.’ It’s big. It’s fast. And it’s what we’re AALLLLLLL about.

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Tras más de una década escribiendo, después de estar en los inicios de Metal4all en 2003, y pasar siete años en TheMetalCircus, me aventuro en septiembre de 2014 en mi propia MiradAlternativa.

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