JINJER premiered some days ago a new version of ‘Pisces’ (included in his sophomore album, The King of Everything), recorded in a live session. they will be touring Europe from march to late may. You can watch their last show in Madrid in this link.

«I believe we had this idea to record a new version of “Pisces” when we first rehearsed the song with Vlad Ulasevich as a new drummer. His drumming makes the song sound really different. So we finally had some free time last winter, we went to Istok studio in Kiev, did a live recording and shooting, then added over some extra lines, like a few backing vocals and guitars, then Max from Morton Studio made this new magnificent version of mixing and here we are – Pisces video. I hope you will enjoy it!».

Here you can find Tatiana’s answers to our test.

Photography: Mariika Mint

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  1. Which was the first record you bought?

Taty: That was kind of a fancy story, but caused me quite a lot of stress that day. Winter, 2000. A new  album of The Offspring  appeared at Ukrainian markets. I am talking about “Conspiracy of One”. By that time I grew into a huge fan of the band. So I decided to get this tape by any means. After school I went to the place where my mother worked to ask her for some money. I kept my intentions to by a tape in secret for her. After we “consummated the transaction” I ran out full of happiness and rushed to a tram stop to finally get home and buy the tape. I was so blinded by the thought that in 20 minutes I would be chilling in my armchair with headphones on and enjoying some fist-class punk rock! So next second I was already in a tram. When some time passed I started to realize I didn’t recognize a view changing behind the window…  It got darker outside and the tram rushed me through terrifying suburbs.  When we reached a final stop,  I was shocked to know I was now in one of the most shitty and dangerous hood in my town.  Well, to make short of long, that was a lifetime road home that evening. Plus, I received some ass kicking from my mom, I spent all my money for this trip and failed to do my homework. It took me a week to collect some finance to buy this goddamn tape! But that was a great New Year present for myself.

  1. And the last one?

I am not sure. I think it was the “Ghost Reveries” CD by Opeth.

  1. Which record have you listened most? 

Guano Apes “Don’t Give Me Names” as my friend presented it to me, Crazy Town “The Gift of Game”, Blink 182 “Enema of the State”, Opeth “Damnation”.

  1. Can you tell me the name of the first band who made you think ‘This is my thing/stuff’?

I started to listen to heavy music from the first years of schooling and ofcourse the moment I heard Nirvana I thought: “Oh maaan! What a new feeling!”.

  1. Which record do you love but it has not been very well accepted / viewed favourably?

Probably, Slipknot’s “Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat” 1996. That’s couse of my passion for Jazz i guess . What a mixture! C’mon people! Take a chance to listen at least “Do nothing,  Bitch Slap” from this album!

  1. Tell us about a record to relax with and another to ‘unleash the beast’.

As i stopped listening to metal years and years ago, it would be rather easy to share some chilling music and hard to recollect anything “beasty”.

If you like to relax while crying into the pillow with your heart broken (like I do), I would definitely choose Amy Winehouse with her  “Frank”, or if you are about to hang down your head and die like this  I’d recommend Opeth “Damnation” or Anathema “A Natural Disaster”. Or if you feel like “Hmm, everything is not that bad today” and you have dreadlocks on then enjoy Bob Marley’s “Natty Dread”.

As for the beasts to unleash…  It always would be Lamb of God “Wrath”. The almighty one!

  1. Which was the first concert/gig you went to?

You know, when I was much younger, very few well known bands came to our country. So we enjoyed mosly our local ones. My first concert i went to was given by my elder brother and his ex-wife. I was 12 and he took me and my parents to see his show. Seeing him playing guitar and flute really inspired me to do music later on . I admired him! If talking about celebrities, i visited Soulfly once in Kiev. I think it was about 9 years ago.

  1. And the last one?

Sorry, but hopefully this moment will never come)

  1. From which gig do you have the best memories?

Difficult to pick out something after tons and tons of shows behind. I still remember openair  Zaxid Fest 2014 in Ukraine. We were a true hurricane! Powerful, restless…

  1. If you could travel in time, which musical era, phase or trend would you choose?

I would start from 1930s to watch how jazz music is developing. Then jump to 50s to have some rock’n’roll overdose.Then 60s to sing some reggae with Bob! And straight to 90s for some oldschool hip hop.

  1. Which is the music video you have seen most? 

Must be Guano Apes “Big in Japan”, P.O.D. “Alive” and “Sleeping Awake”, Killswitch Engage “My Curse”, P!nk “Who Knew”.

  1. And the musical documentary or live DVD?

I’m not really into DVDs really. But I used to watch Bob Marley’s “The legend Live” many times.

  1. Are you fond of TV shows and movies? Do you have any special recommendation or any favourite? Do you have any other confessable hobbies?

I am a big fan of “Friends”!  i’ve watched it more than 20 times and ready to watch even more! Especially in winter time. Also “Two and a Half Men” for summer. “X-Files”.  One of my favorite movies of all times  “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Ace Ventura”, “Terminator”,  “Dancing with Wolves”.

  1. Can you tell us about your latest music discovery?

Actually there’s none of them. Lately i try to refresh my old tastes.

  1. If you had to choose a song and a record from your band to introduce yourself, they would be….

Surely “I Speak Astronomy”, “Pisces” and “Cloud Factory”. They reflect the ideology I follow.

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